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Rid Of Pain Physiotherapy Clinic: Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Gurgaon

Finally, after tolerating excruciating pain for a while you have decided to cure yourself and for that you are looking for the best physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon. Congratulations, your search ends here and now you will get rid of all your physical pain at best physiotherapy clinic in gurgaon “Rid of Pain Physiotherapy Clinic“.

Rid of Pain Physiotherapy Clinic is the most trusted physiotherapy centre in Gurgaon which provides a wide range of services separately to male, female and even kids. We serve people who are as young as 2 years old to the people who are as experienced as 92 years old. We are a team of dedicated best experienced physiotherapists in Gurgaon, each of them has an experience of over one decade and an absolute expertise in their respective field.

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Advanced Manual Therapy

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Chiropractic Treatment

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best physiotherapy clinic is rid of pain physiotherapy


rid of pain physiotherapy clinic gurgaon


rid of pain physiotherapy clinic gurgaon


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Why Rid of Pain Physiotherapy Clinic- Best Physiotherapy Clinic Gurgaon

Here are some of the major reasons and plus points why people chooses us as a physiotherapy center in Gurgaon.

  • Qualified and Experienced Team of Best Physiotherapist in Gurgaon
  • Transparency in Charges
  • Female Led Clinic
  • Fully Sanitized Clinic
  • Member of Indian Association of Physiotherapy (MIAP)-L-44987
  • Disposable Treatment Bedsheet
  • Best Physiotherapy Clinic In India
  • Registered in Haryana State Council for Physiotherapy(HSCP) – HSCP/PT/2021/68
  • Member of Gurgaon Association of Physiotherapy (GPA)-122

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Experienced Staff With Personalised Treatments

Rid Of Pain Physiotherapy- Best Physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon has grown as the best physiotherapy centre of Gurgaon. Founded in 2017 by Dr.Neetu Rathi ,this physiotherapy centre has best facilities and staff. Physiotherapy is one of the most effective techniques to heal from injuries through the use of natural and effective treatment methods.

Physiotherapy is the process of employing pressure, needles, exercise, electrotherapy, and other treatments to activate the injured area. We can be contacted through our mail or why bother waiting, just ring us at +91-9582741750 and we will get back to you. You can also visit us at Plot No. C2, Near Chopra Diagnostics, Sector 31 Gurgaon. For More info Check Contact Us.

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Our Expert Physiotherapists

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Ankle Sprain

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Elbow Pain

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Knee Pain

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Neetu is very experienced physiotherapy specialist. She understood my pain areas so quickly and gave me a perfect treatment which helped me to recover fast.
Will suggest everyone to consult her if you need any physiotherapy treatments.

Gaurav Kapur

Dr.Neetu is one of the best physiotherapists I have consulted. She was very quick in understanding the issue and helped me in getting the recovery of back pain in a very short timeframe.

Would suggest everyone to consult her in case of any musculoskeletal issues.

Devinder Yadav

Before visiting Dr Neetu Rathi I visited some other physiotherapist for about 1week for my neck pain treatment but I did not get any relief. Then I visited Dr Neetu Rathi and from day 1 itself I started getting relief in my pain. I strongly recommend Dr Neetu Rathi for any physiotherapy treatment.

Sandeep Tomar

Good understanding of what was causing the problem and how to do treatment.. very good understanding of human anatomy.. advice given by Dr. Neetu Rathi helped me in the interim and longer term.

Satyajit Rakshit

Rid Of Pain Physiotherapy Clinic -Best Physiotherapy Clinic In Gurgaon

In today’s hectic and corporate city lifestyle, the concept of maintaining good health and wellness is a very difficult summit to conquer. Gurgaon is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. Being a financial and technology hub, the majority of the population are workaholics. By sitting at office desks or working hours and hours doing intense physical work health problems like neck and shoulder pain, injuries, cramps, poor muscle tone, back pain, etc are seen as very common. If not treated in time this could lead to even more serious health issues and the best solution to deal with it is Physiotherapy.

Now one may ask what is physiotherapy and which is the best physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon? In simple words, Physiotherapy is a treatment to maintain and restore health through exercises, physical rehabilitation, diagnosis, massage, and health promotion. A good clinic is just like a good playlist. As different songs in a good playlist heal us mentally and give our heart and mind comfort. A good physiotherapy clinic with top-notch facilities, staff, and services provides its patients with physical and mental relief. One such physiotherapy clinic present in Gurgaon is “Rid of Pain Physiotherapy Clinic” founded by Dr. Neetu Rathi in 2017 and considered the best physiotherapy center in Gurgaon.

There are various reasons why Rid of Pain Physiotherapy clinic is considered the best physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon. The team that runs the clinic is very well qualified and experienced. The clinic is very much treatment-centric and specialized in Cupping therapy, Dry needling, Osteopathy, Exercise therapy, Kinesiotaping, Electrotherapy, Chiropractic treatment, Advanced manual therapy, Pilates, IASTM(Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), Pediatrics physiotherapy, Sports physiotherapy, Neurological physiotherapy, Ergonomic sessions, Corporate physiotherapy, Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, Geriatric physiotherapy, Post-operative physiotherapy, Women physiotherapy, Antenatal, and Postnatal sessions.

The charges for their treatment and services are very transparent, the staff is very humble and well mannered. During and after the covid pandemic the clinic is fully sanitized, fully vaccinated staff, disposable treatment bedsheets are used and all covid guidelines are followed by the clinic. It is also proficient in personalized treatment by analyzing an individual patient and giving them exclusive individual treatment.

The clinic is also recognized and is a part of the Haryana State Council for Physiotherapy (HSCP), Haryana Chartered Association of Physiotherapy (HCAP), Indian Association of Physiotherapy (MIAP), Gurgaon Physiotherapy Association (GPA) which proves the clinic’s claim of being the best physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon.