Upper Leg Pain

Upper leg pain can cause discomfort like aching pain or burning pain.  It can be due to back pain or lower leg pain which can be radiculopathy or referred pain.

Upper leg pain


  • Tingling
  • Pain
  • Difficulty walking
  • Numbness
  • Burning

Cause of upper leg pain:

Hip and leg alignment faults can be the reason for thigh pain. Muscle stiffness and IT band tightness are major causes of sports.

Radiculopathy due to sciatica or piriformis muscle tightness can lead to pain in tightness and trigger points are a common causing factor.


Pain is the leading symptom of all pain in the thigh of multiple problems. Physiotherapy is the most important treatment in case of thigh pain. Advanced manual therapy works along with osteopathy and chiropractic treatment. Cupping therapy and dry needling are used to treat the stiffness and trigger points. Problems that can be treated with the physiotherapy:

Meralgia paresthetica

Deep vein thrombosis

Diabetic neuropathy

Radiculopathy from back and hip joint

IT band tightness

Quadriceps weakness

hamstrings stiffness or tear