Osteopathy is the branch of medical health sciences that works in the coordination of musculoskeletal structure and organ function. Osteopathy is the coordination of the mind and body. The body works as a unit and the body’s systems are interrelated. It helps in fine and accurate assessment and corrects structural problems through manipulation and soft tissue release. Osteopathic treatment is all about the whole body, not just specific parts, or symptoms. So if someone comes with back pain, Osteopaths are likely going to look at more than the back. Visit Rid Of Pain Physiotherapy for Osteopathy in Gurgaon

Osteopathy in gurgaon

Professional education leading to the degree of doctor of osteopathy is similar to Doctor of Medicine. Osteopathic medical education covers all the basic level sciences and clinical work, with emphasis on the importance of body mechanics and its relationship with function. We are specialized in providing treatment using osteopathy in Gurgaon.

Osteopathy Principal:

The body and mind are coordinated in single units is the principle of osteopathy. If one part of the organ is affected, then the whole body impacts the self-regulatory mechanism to heal itself.

The integrated approach to Osteopathy in Gurgaon:

Muscle Energy Technique: Muscle energy techniques follow somatic dysfunction through relaxation and muscle contraction. For example, if a person is unable to fully lift their arm, the treating osteopath raises the patient’s range of motion(restriction). The patient then tries to lower his arm, while the physiotherapist gives resistance. This resistance against the patient’s motion contraction with the 20 % force of patient strength. Once the patient relaxes, automatically range of motion increases slightly. Repetition of this improves its range of motion.

Counterstain: This dysfunction is continuing, inappropriate strain reflex, which is inhibited during treatment by applying a position of a mild strain in the opposite direction to that of the reflex. For example, press the painful point and ask the patient to move the part in the maximum ease position. Then hold that part for 90 seconds and try to take in the position where was the maximum pain. Repetitive movements and the number of repetitions increase the pain-free range.

High-Velocity, Low-Amplitude Manipulation:

High velocity, the low amplitude is a technique, where therapeutic force is applied on the target joint for a brief duration within the anatomic range of motion of a joint and elicits the release of restriction. This is different from chiropractic therapy because in the case of osteopathy manipulation we use high velocity and low amplitude thrust whereas in the case of chiropractic adjustment low velocity and high amplitude thrust are used.

Lymphatic Pump Treatment

The lymphatic system drains out bodily toxins. If the lymphatic system is not working properly then there is an accumulation of toxins that cause edema in that part. With lymphatic drainage, we can improve circulation and release toxins, which ultimately reduce the edema. Many problems affect the lymphatic system like surgery, cancer, damage, or removal of lymph nodes.

Cranial therapy:

Cranial therapy works on the cranial nerves. In case of any problem in the body, our brain gets also affected.  Cranial nerves got stressed and function was also affected. With the release of the cranial nerve, we can improve the rhythm of the body. Cranial therapy is always helpful in case of anxiety, depression, headache, migraine, eye pain, vertigo, etc.

Myofascial Release:

It works on the muscles by relaxing the contracted muscles. Pain and stiffness cause tightness in the muscles and fascia. Myofascial release works by relaxing or releasing the muscle or fascia. It improves the circulation, and movement of the soft tissue.

Visceral therapy: it works on the rhythm of the abdominal organs. Any injury or pathology or restricted fascia disturbs the rhythm of the organ. With the help of visceral therapy, we can release the restricted fascia and improve the rhythm of the organ. With the help of verbal manipulation, we can treat GIT dysfunction, type -2 diabetes, Menstrual problems, and liver dysfunction. For Osteopathy in Gurgaon do reach us.