Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a skin invasive procedure where a thin and fine needle is inserted into the skin and muscle. It is used at myofascial trigger points which are hyperirritable/painful spot in skeletal muscle that is associated with a hypersensitive palpable nodule in a taut band. Trigger-point dry needling can be used on superficial or deep tissues. Dry Needling by Dry Needling Therapist in Gurgaon of Rid Of Pain Physiotherapy is a Technique that Physiotherapists use for the treatment of pain and movement impairments. This is an effective treatment for certain kinds of muscle pain and nerve pain

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Principle of Dry needling explained by Dry Needling Therapist in Gurgaon:

The trigger point module is a dry needling technique that specifically targets myofascial trigger points. Trigger point release due to an excessive release of acetylcholine from selected motor endplates. These are divided into Active and Latent myofascial trigger points.

  • Active trigger: Active trigger points are the trigger points due to local or referred pain. They cause weakness in muscles, restricted range of motion, and autonomic nervous system
  • Latent trigger: latent trigger points do not cause pain until they are stimulated. They can alter muscle activation patterns and contribute to restricted ROM.

Trigger points: The trigger points are caused by the creation of a taut band within the muscle. This band is caused by the excess release of acetylcholine from the motor endplate and with inhibition of acetylcholine esterase and it also upregulates nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

Initially, taut bands are produced as a normal protective, physiological mechanism in the damaged muscle. They occur in response to eccentric or concentric loading, sustained postures, and repetitive low load stress.  When it is sustained, they contribute to sustained pain.

Pain caused by trigger points is due to hypoxia and decreased blood flow in the trigger point. This leads to a decreased pH level in the trigger, which activates the muscle nociceptors. 

It works by Stimulation of local twitch response. Dry Needling Therapist at Rid of Pain Physiotherapy use mechanical stimulation causes an analgesic effect. This mechanical stimulation causes a local twitch response.  The local twitch response is an involuntary spinal cord reflex contraction of the muscle in a taut band which reduces the concentration of nociceptive substances in the myofascial trigger points.

The needle causes a small focal lesion which triggers cell migration to the area which repairs or replaces damaged myofibers.  Dry needling restores muscle activation and improves ROM and muscle strength