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Cupping therapy is a type of ancient physiotherapy. It is used as alternative medicine in which cups are attached to the skin by the therapists for a few minutes to create suction.

The therapy is generally performed for curing or healing many health-related problems like body pain, inflammation, etc. It also helps in blood flow and massages deep tissue. It is also known as vacuum cupping, hijama cupping, horn treatment, etc in different parts of the world.

Origin of Cupping Therapy.

If we turn the pages of ancient history, we can find that the cupping therapy dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Middle Eastern Civilizations. In North Africa, cupping therapy was first documented on Eber’s papyrus.

Many early books also mention this cupping therapy that is used to release toxins from body tissue and organs. Cupping therapy is one of the trendiest therapy these days but now we know its roots and rich history.

Types of Cupping Therapy.

cupping therapy

There are many different types of cupping therapy.

  1. Dry Cupping Therapy: The method is based on the suction of dry cups on the skin.
  2. Wet cupping Therapy: It is also called bleeding or Hijama. In this, a mild suction is created by cupping by leaving the cup for about 3 minutes. It removes blood stasis and waste from the body.
  3. Oil cupping or sliding cupping is a technique where massage oils are applied to the body and then the cups are attached to the body and slide across the area.
  1. Flash cupping or Empty cupping: It is a technique where the quick repeated application of cups is placed over the body, with minimum retention. It reduced local congestion and stimulates circulation over a broader area.

Apart from different types of cupping therapy, there are also different types of cups used in performing this therapy such as Horn cups, Glass or Fire glass cups, Plastic or hijama cups, Bamboo or Wooden cups, Silicone cups, and Nabhi Pump.

At Rid of Pain Physiotherapy Clinic – Cupping Therapy in Gurgaon, Sector 31 we provide the best quality of cupping therapy with the best and sanitized tools.

How does Cupping Therapy work?

Cupping therapy in clinics is performed by trained practitioners or therapists who had practised the therapy within a regulated health practice. Our physiotherapist or a therapist at Rid of Pain Physiotherapy which is a (Cupping Therapy in Gurgaon, Sector 31) uses a rubber pump to create a vacuum.

This vacuum causes the skin to rise. The blood vessels expand and a massage effect is created. The sites for the suction of cups are selected according to the treated ailment. The cups are placed on areas with abundant muscles.

Mostly the back is used for the site of application, followed by the chest, abdomen, buttocks, legs, and face areas treated by cupping. The cups are attached to the skin for 5-10 minutes. Cupping therapy leads to residual marks which disappear within 10 days.

Advantages of Cupping Therapy

  1. It provides all the necessary and important nutrients to the treated area and helps it to heal.
  2. Cupping Therapy is relaxing and helps reduce muscular restrictions and scars, increase the range of body motion, and decrease swelling.
  3. Cupping heals many common bones and muscles disorder.
  4. It provides pain relief by exciting the small nerves inside muscles that kill chemicals to reduce the pain.
  5. Cupping helps to heal the sore areas of muscles by increasing the blood flow.


Cupping treats a lot of common as well as critical health disorders. There aren’t many scientific studies on cupping but a few studies by Chinese and Australian researchers concluded that cupping therapy is effective with other treatments like medications or physiotherapy for various ill-health conditions, such as Facial paralysis, Acne, Cervical spondylosis, etc.

According to the British Society Cupping Therapy is used to treat diseases like:

  1. Migraines
  2. Blood disorders like anaemia and haemophilia
  3. Rheumatic diseases like arthritis and fibromyalgia
  4. Fertility and other gynaecological disorders
  5. Skin problems like eczema and acne
  6. High blood pressure
  7. Anxieties and depression
  8. Varicose veins
  9. Bronchial congestion caused by allergies and asthma

The reason why most people are searching for Cupping Therapy in Gurgaon, Sector 31 is the wide benefits of this cupping therapy treatment. If you’re also looking then contact us now.

Importance of Clinic for Cupping Therapy Treatment

For a therapy like cupping a proper clinic is very much important. Only the best clinic can execute the Therapy with perfection and safety. A clinic consists of professional staff who are well trained to perform this kind of therapy and could operate all the modern equipment that should be highly preferred by the patient.

And we at Rid of Pain Physiotherapy Clinic one of the best Cupping Therapy Clinic in Gurgaon, Sector 31 take care of all these factors and provides the best treatment to our patients.

Why choose Rid of Pain Physiotherapy Clinic?

cupping therapy gurgaon sector 31

Rid of Pain Physiotherapy is the best cupping therapy clinic in Gurgaon sector 31 having all the necessary facilities and resources to execute all types of physiotherapy programs. Cupping Therapy is one such service provided by us.

All types of cupping (wet, dry, fire) are done by professional practitioners. Rid of Pain Clinic has good patient reviews on cupping therapy and provides post-cupping medication if required.

The team of staff at Rid of Pain physiotherapy used sterilized equipment and follow all basic covid norms like wearing a mask, sanitized clinic, and social distancing. Rid of Pain is the one-stop solution for Cupping Therapy in Gurgaon, Sector 31.


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